The health benefits believed to come from essential oils can be traced to ancient history, when they were first used to improve the health of the body, mind and spirit. 

For busy planners interested in enhancing their wellness rituals, following are four great ways to use essential oils from Susan Griffin-Black and Brad Black, co-founders of EO Products.

  1. Put a few drops of essential oil in air diffusers, on warm or cold compresses, on pillow cases and on unscented beeswax candles to create a sense of well-being, whether as a calming, uplifting or energizing effect, depending upon the scent used.
  2. Turn on a hot shower and place a few drops of essential oil on the shower floor to produce a scented steam of lavender, for example, to relax, refresh and uplift your spirits as you start or end your day. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to bath water.
  3. Apply essential oil to certain points on your body, such as the wrists or temples, to create a desired effect. It’s important to note that all essential oil must be diluted before putting it directly on the skin, unless it is lavender, but it must be pure and unadulterated. Essential oils can be diluted with jojoba and other “carrier” oils, as well as water or rubbing alcohol.
  4. Mix a few drops of essential oil and water in a spray bottle or atomizer to spray in a room or on bed linens.

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