Whether your team prefers to bond over evening cocktails or a heart-racing high ropes course, The National offers over 20 creative teambuilding programs that will bring your group together.

Test your team’s problem-solving abilities on The National’s state-of-the-art high and low element Challenge Course. Adventure-seekers will experience a rush of adrenaline as they trek along 40 feet above the ground toward a single, collaborative goal. On the ground, seasoned facilitators will help break down barriers and strengthen trust as team members work together to conquer obstacles and achieve shared goals.

Heat things up with a one-of-a-kind experience in The National kitchen. Executive Chef Frank Estremera and his culinary team will teach your group to cook a traditional dish from another part of the world. Choose from Peruvian, Spanish or Italian recipes, learn from an award-winning culinary expert and then enjoy all the flavors of your shared creation.

Gather together for an entertaining wine adventure from The National’s Chief Wine Officer and sommelier Mary Watson-DeLauder. Whether you choose a pairing, tasting or seminar, your group will leave with a broadened understanding of wine and lasting memories from this unique experience:

• Blind Tasting
• Semi-Blind Tasting
• Food & Wine Pairing Basics
• Wine and Cheese Pairing
• Wine and Chocolate Pairing
• Wine and Herb Pairing
• Wine Components Tasting
• Wine Aroma Seminar
• Wine Blending Seminar

Treat the team to a creative evening of bonding and artistic exploration with a painting class led by an acclaimed local artist. Your group will learn to tap into their inner artists as they create their very own masterpieces. Every team member will leave with his or her own interpretation of the same painting that can also be shipped directly to their desks.

Through The National’s volunteer partnerships with local nonprofit organizations like Loudoun Hunger Relief and The Arc of Loudoun, you and your team can get to know each other and make a difference in the community at the same time.

Give us a call and learn how The National can make your next meeting a masterpiece. The National is located on 65 acres just 45 minutes from DC, with 250 meeting rooms, an 880-seat dining room, 917 guest rooms and the largest ballroom in Northern Virginia, accommodating up to 1,800 guests.

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