What’s trending for event design? We talked to Kevin Dana, executive director of marketing and product development at CORT Events, to get the scoop on what’s hot this season. And the answer is...Mediterranean Craft Style.

“Today’s attendees want to be comfortable at conferences and meetings. They demand unique and relaxed environments that reflect the diversity and style of their homes and personal life,” Dana said.

“Mixing various soft elements like textured and velvet seating with organic materials such as wood, marble, stone and terracotta, then incorporating metals and finishing with faux fur accessories and plenty of greenery will achieve an eclectic and comfortable style,” he added.

Three Ways to Execute this Mediterranean Craft Style Trend:

1. Mixed textures
Combine textured fabrics with natural wood that resemble fine craftsmanship. For example, pair velvets with breezy linens for added elegance and dimension.

Credit: CORT Events

2. Rustic themes
Incorporate shades of brown and green for a rustic, yet refined, environment with a stripped down and sun-drenched effect. For example, accessorize with greenery to enhance the fresh look of the space.

3. Bohemian style
Inspired by living on the shores of the Mediterranean, create a warm, inviting atmosphere with bohemian design elements. Experiment with faux fur pillows and patterned rugs to ground the eclectic design.

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