For a runner on race day or a quarterback on game day, preparation, wellness and environment play critical roles in performance and success. Those elements are also key as we look at productivity in the world of business meetings.

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve and offer wellness alternatives and amenities for health-conscious travelers, the meetings industry is doing the same.

At the forefront of this innovative development is Delos, a pioneer in wellness real estate covering residential, commercial and hospitality verticals.

Understanding the importance of creating healthy environments for leisure and business travelers, MGM Resorts first partnered with Delos in 2012 on the launch of Stay Well guest rooms at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Shortly thereafter in 2014, the hotel unveiled Stay Well Meetings which has now expanded to not only MGM Grand, but also Park MGM and The Mirage.

Based entirely around scientific evidence, Stay Well Meetings creates a healthy work environment designed to increase the energy, focus and productivity of attendees with meeting spaces that offer a combination of wellness elements that include air purification, circadian lighting, aromatherapy and hydration stations.

The Science Behind Stay Well Meetings

So what’s the science behind it? Consider, for example, how lighting affects your mood and productivity. Or how hard it is to recover from jet lag while traveling.

Dim light has been shown to improve creativity, while bright light enhances productivity and alertness. The circadian lighting incorporated in Stay Well guest rooms and meeting spaces adjusts lighting to positively affect comfort, mood and sleep quality. Similarly, lighting installed in the Stay Well Meetings spaces is designed to enhance productivity.

Or consider the benefits of fresher air. The air purification systems in the Stay Well Meetings spaces addresses the reduction of particulate matter in the air, including pollen, allergens, toxins and pathogens, allowing attendees to work in a clean, crisp environment.

In addition to the environmental elements within Stay Well Meetings, Delos collaborated with experts from Cleveland Clinic Wellness to create a series of experiential elements proven to energize, boost creativity and relax meeting attendees. Some meeting planners, for example, may incorporate guided meditation or physical activity breaks while others may consider a healthy snack station and an active green wall.

Just like personal fitness and wellness regimens, healthy meetings are designed to be customizable for each group, and in Las Vegas, the opportunities are endless.

Stephanie Glanzer, VP of Sales Operations at MGM Resorts InternationalStephanie Glanzer is vice president of sales operations and services for MGM Resorts International. She is a recognized sales leader in the hospitality and meetings industry with over 20 years of experience, focusing on team development, producing results and guest service, and is responsible for ensuring effectiveness and consistency in the total sales operation for MGM Resorts International.

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