Buzzing with artistry and rich culture, Sacramento is THE curator of vibrant meeting experiences. Here, the city’s flair for the arts is connected to its renowned festivals, high-end Broadway shows, museums, galleries, unique culinary experiences and much more.

With well over 650 murals that color the cityscape, Sacramento’s famous and eye-popping concrete canvases will inspire visitors and attendees alike as they explore the area.

The Downtown and Midtown districts offer a variety of theaters and centers, from large event spaces to smaller performing arts venues. The city showcases everything from indie films and locally written and produced shows to Broadway events.

The museums in Sacramento cover everything from art and history to aviation and design. Groups can spend a day exploring art by the California Impressionists, see historic architecture and visit exhibits to learn about all aspects of California life.

As the Farm-to-Fork Capital (with 10 Michelin Guide-rated restaurants than anywhere else in Northern California) and one of the West Coast's top food destinations, the dining scene is the soul of the city; and from mom-and-pop spots to high-end eats, Sacramento’s got some serious soul!

Day or night, there’s something for attendees to explore. Contact the Visit Sacramento team to help incorporate some colorful ideas into your next convention or meeting in Sacramento, or take a further look at this vibrant city!

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