Selecting a destination for an event is an important decision to make. The team at Business Events Montréal (part of Tourisme Montréal) has been thinking about ways to mitigate uncertainty—and they’ve come up with a solution. They’ve recently unveiled basic guarantees to ensure that Montréal continues to be a top choice for events. It’s a simple, compelling idea that breaks new ground in the industry.

The assurance of success

After decades of assisting event planners, Business Events Montréal has distilled their lessons and successes. The knowledge gained from their experience as a top events destination is the foundation for some basic guarantees for event professionals. They’re calling it The Guaranteed Success Pledge. It’s a way to reduce the inherent risk in planning events. The pledge is a product of unwavering confidence in their ability to deliver—as a destination and as an organization.

This is what’s guaranteed

Attendance! How is that possible? Well, for the past three years, meetings in Montréal exceeded expected attendance rates. Most events actually had nearly 10% more attendees than forecasted. The team at Business Events Montréal is so confident that planners will reach attendance targets that they are offering a financial commitment.

Exchange rates! When planners reserve the Palais des congrès de Montréal (the city’s convention centre) for an event, the best exchange rate between booking and when the event takes place is guaranteed. In other words, if the exchange rate becomes more expensive, the more affordable rate is used. And, as an added bonus, carbon neutrality at the convention centre is guaranteed as well. 

Some of the other key points on the Guaranteed Success Pledge include:

Affordability. Montréal is the most affordable city in North America (UBS’s Prices and Wages Study).

Easy access. Montréal is closer than most people think. The city is within a two-hour flight for more than 170 million Americans.

Montréal is a giant playground. Combining North American innovation with European aesthetics—a combination unparalleled anywhere on earth—it’s a city that is constantly reinventing itself, always original, always surprising.

See all of the points on the Guaranteed Success Pledge website.

One of the best destinations for events

From massive conferences, to intimate board meetings, to international athletic competitions—and everything in between—Montréal has the infrastructure and cultural backdrop for effective events. The city has been and will continue to be one of the best destinations in North America for meetings and sports events. This is because success is more guaranteed than ever before.

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