April 2018


5 Wellness Trends to Work Into Your Next Meeting Agenda

There’s no denying it: Wellness has become a mega trend, and the way people are incorporating it into their lives is ever-evolving. Consumers are adopting healthy habits both at home and on the road—including during conferences and other events.

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Creativity Takes Center Stage at Convention Centers

The artwork installed at an increasing number of popular convention centers transforms these necessarily utilitarian buildings into magnificent galleries that rival some of the most inspired museums in the world.

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Wolfgang Puck Takes Catering to Famous Heights

Celebrity chefs are as prominent as stars of the silver screen nowadays. But those whose legacy spans decades and continues to evolve are few and far between. Wolfgang Puck is one such culinary legend.

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Defining Luxury at Hotels Isn’t So Easy Anymore

“Luxury” has an interesting etymology, originating from the Latin luxus (“excess”) and luxuria (“offensiveness”). In Elizabethan times, the English saw luxury as “lust” and “lechery,” while the French reinterpreted the Latin originals as “wealth” and “indulgence.”

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7 Site Selection Concerns to Consider Right Now

Given today’s increasingly complex and turbulent world, it’s little wonder if site selection has also grown increasingly complex. It’s a multi-faceted process in which concerns over safety, technology, attendee engagement, ethics and rising costs can all come into play.

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More Headlines

David Bruce Stands Up for Independent Planners

Forty-six-year meetings and hospitality industry veteran David Bruce, managing partner of Ft. Worth, Texas-area’s meeting planning company CMP Services, knows and cares enough about his profession that he realizes it’s time for a big change.

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Shattering Conventions: Bob Calhoun Visits the San Francisco Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show

The live camels seem a bit out of place near the back of the Santa Clara Convention Center, but there they are. It is the San Francisco Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show so it all makes a kind of sense—especially when you emphasize the adventure aspect of the whole thing.

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Veteran Planner Sandy Biback Fights Human Trafficking

When 35-year meeting planning veteran Sandy Biback retired she found out her work was not finished. But instead of continuing to be tasked with the myriad responsibilities of managing meetings and her Toronto-based independent meeting planning business, she set out to help some of the most vulnerable, and often forgotten, members of our society: victims of human trafficking.

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When I Was Called to the Cockpit About Carrying a Gun…

Meetings Today Editor Marlene Goldman recounts the time she was called to the cockpit of a United Airlines flight about carrying a gun on the plane.

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