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December 2019

From augmented reality and virtual reality to mixed reality and beyond, discover what new technologies are actually relevant to your meetings, how they may impact your budget and how you can best use them to improve both your attendees' experience and the ROI of your event.

Meeting planners need to be on top of the latest tech trends, but if they get too far out in front of the curve they could just be throwing their money away on pricey additions that drain their resources while providing minimal benefit.

Join Meetings Today and top meetings industry tech guru Corbin Ball, of Corbin Ball & Co., for this free one-hour webinar that will get you up-to-speed on the latest, greatest and most-effective and cost-efficient technology for your meetings and events.

November 2019

Involving a CVB, or DMO, as they’re frequently called, at all stages of your meeting cycle is a sure way to save money. From site selection and securing essential city services to promotion and other myriad offerings, CVBs are in business to get your business.

Join Meetings Today and Bonnie Wallsh for this free one-hour webinar that will introduce you to the many ways CVBs can make your meetings more affordable, more exciting and easier in all phases of the planning cycle.

November 2019

Strategic Meetings Management sounds great in theory but many organizations still struggle to understand what exactly it is and how to ultimately implement it. With this ambiguity, SMM is often misclassified as a complicated program that is hard to put together. In this webinar we will debunk the myth that SMM is intangibly complex by breaking it down into bite sized pieces that companies of any size can easily understand and adopt. Learn best practice and tried and true approaches as directed by Cvent SMM gurus.

October 2019

When it comes to producing high-energy events, it doesn’t get any better than Los Angeles-based Extraordinary Events, which has been producing experiential and strategic special events for a wide range of clients for more than 30 years.

Aside from mind-blowing special effects projected at attendees, though, the real key is to get them contributing to and engaged in the action.

Join Meetings Today and Extraordinary Events’ Flo Miniscloux, director of production services, and Rick Turner, regional director of business development, to learn how you can inspire attendees to contribute their energy to turn on the electricity at your meetings and events.

October 2019

We all want to be the best, and it can sometimes be discouraging when you’re not seeing results. CrowdCompass wants to help you be the best you can possibly be, and to help we’ve compiled data from our customers who see the highest levels of app adoption and engagement. Not only will you see how you stack up against other CrowdCompass users, but you will learn the tips and tricks our highest achievers are using to see such great results. If you are not currently using a mobile event app, no problem! This webinar will help you see how you can most effectively implement mobile technology to increase engagement at your next event.

October 2019

Today, organizations showcase their brand through experiential marketing by hosting and participating in events. Food and beverage is a vital component of these experiences and often the most prominently featured on social media. With increased attention on sustainable practices by participants, what do these events say about your business?

Join Meetings Today and Nancy J. Zavada, president of leading sustainable meetings and events company MeetGreen, to learn this year's hottest trends in sustainable food and service, how to lighten the carbon footprint of your menus, and how to negotiate menu items to save on your budget. Whether you are just starting out in sustainable events or a seasoned pro, this will be time well spent.

September 2019

The only thing constant in our industry is change. This workshop will arm you with tactical strategies that will help you to negotiate and defend your organization in this evolving market. In this high-level workshop, attendees will review key contract clauses, negotiations tips and strategies on how to get to “YES” and review variables that help influence a hotels decision to accept your business.

September 2019

Location, location, location. It’s true when you’re picking your home AND when you’re choosing the destination and venue for a perfect event. Central to the success of any event is the space it’s in. The great news is there are SO many beautiful places that could be perfect event spaces. With a world full of options, how do you find the combination of destination, venue and experience that will help you achieve your event goals?

Before you begin to think about choosing a destination and sourcing a hotel it’s important to align the purpose of the event with the experience you want for your attendees. This webinar is full of best practices about how to make sure the event space you source matches the type of event you’re planning and the attendee experience expectations you’re managing so that your event produces the outcomes that you want.

September 2019

We're living in volatile political times in which policy makers are passing laws that may run counter to your group’s beliefs. Many groups are boycotting these destinations, but how does it impact meeting planners in a legal, contractual and logistical sense, both in the U.S. and internationally?

Join Meetings Today and destination strategy expert David Kliman, owner of the Kliman Group; international meetings expert Eric Rozenberg; meetings industry attorney Tyra Hilliard; and Cathy Mason, senior director of events for the Young Presidents Organization and 2019 Meetings Trendsetter for this free one-hour webinar taped at IMEX America 2019.

August 2019

From attrition penalties that can torpedo the financial health of your organization to risk management, ADA compliance, renovations and no-walk clauses, knowing what contract clauses to insert in your meetings contracts can make or break your career. And knowing what “landmines” to look out for from the supplier side of the equation can be just as critical.

Join Meetings Today and Kelly Bagnall, a meetings and hospitality industry specialist and partner in Holland & Knight law firm, for this free one-hour webinar that will help protect your organization before you sign that contract.

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