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September 2018

I can’t remember when Kristin McGrath and I first met. I do know we bonded over a passion for excellent meetings and issues outside the industry. Kristin has continued to be, for me and I’m sure many others, a trusted sounding board about work and life. We all need to remember that mentoring can also be reversed—that is, someone younger is a great mentor for those of us who are a bit older!

August 2018

Anchoring the theme on IMEX America’s Smart Monday will be Julius Solaris, speaker, author and editor of Event Manager Blog, delivering a keynote on “Legacy: The Power of Events.” “The theme is the impact of legacy,” Solaris said. “It’s elevating the whole event to a bigger purpose, a bigger impact. It’s about the greater good and making an impact—making change.”

July 2018

Just planning and executing meetings is deserving of a medal in many cases, but there are some in our industry who truly go above and beyond to set the bar higher. Following are 20 professionals—selected by polling our readers, consulting with past Meetings Trendsetters and our editors and contributors, and reaching out to others in the industry—who have taken a leading role in the last year.

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