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At the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina groups can now get a taste of San Diego’s diverse culinary scene without leaving the property. Neighborhood is a new food and beverage program for meetings and events inspired by the flavors, local specialties and cultural offerings of San Diego’s neighborhoods.


MGM Resorts International confirmed another round of layoffs on Thursday, May 30, 2019. A letter to employees announced that 557 positions were eliminated. This second round of cuts follows the elimination of 2,054 management positions in April 2019.


Moves by Disney, IHG and Marriott International as well as a bill in the California State Assembly could result in the elimination of small plastic bathroom amenity bottles in the name of sustainability. Shampoo, conditioner and soap—the only personal care products that would fall under the mini toiletries restriction—would be offered from bulk dispensers.


Meetings industry attorney Tyra Hilliard shares legal contract tips for meeting and event planners faced with destination boycotts, such as corporate bans on travel to Alabama, Missouri and Georgia following a surge of strict anti-abortion laws. She also explains what a frustration of purpose clause is and how it can protect your event from liability.


Legislation strictly limiting abortion rights in Alabama, Georgia and Missouri has resulted in numerous states and cities forbidding the use of civic funds for employee travel to these destinations. The potential impact on meetings and conventions from destination boycotts is creating fear of an industry-wide calamity.

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