DoubleDutch, a mobile event app provider, announced a partnership with Freeman, a face-to-face marketing agency, and unveiled a new product called DoubleDutch for Exhibitors.

DoubleDutch for Exhibitors was designed specifically for exhibitors with the goal of enabling them to better target leads with promotional offers, streamline and simplify the lead retrieval process, gain more visibility into the lead history and analytics, and maximize the ROI they get from events.

“The biggest marketing spend in the world, events and conferences, is still funded by the physical world equivalent of flashing banners,” said Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch. “Like they did in 1975, exhibitors are still building their booths to the rafters and handing out key chains and pens galore. There is no targeting, no automation, no optimization and no measurement.”

DoubleDutch for Exhibitors offers the following features:

  • Exhibitor Branding: Allows exhibitors to manage their company profile and upload collateral to support their brand presence.
  • Targeted Offers: Exhibitors can identify the companies they want to target and create promotional offers with tailored messages. This enables them to drive more booth traffic, generate more leads, and spend time talking to the right people.
  • Lead Retrieval: Exhibitors can say goodbye to lead scanning devices. Instead, an unlimited number of booth staff can scan as well as qualify leads from anywhere using their mobile phone. Leads can be exported at any time and then uploaded to any CRM system.

In addition, DoubleDutch is also announcing a partnership with Freeman. Beginning in early 2016, Freeman customers will receive access to an exclusive integration between Freeman's online exhibitor interface and the newly launched DoubleDutch for Exhibitors product, which will give event exhibitors and sponsors the ability to launch digital campaigns to target and reach attendees using the app.