Greenview, a sustainability consulting and research firm, released its fourth annual Green Venue Report showcasing “The State of Convention and Exhibition Center Sustainability.” The 2017 report includes data for 66 venues from 14 countries, which it said is a 50% increase from last year (up from 44 venues in 2016).

Here’s an overview of some key findings from the report, as noted by Greenview:

  • Venues are saving millions with sustainability upgrades. Venues that invest in these technologies received positive ROIs, ranging from a few hundred dollars converting street lights to LED bulbs, to millions of dollars by implementing waste and water programs.
  • Waste generated by events is being directly charged to event organizers. In an effort to curb waste generation, 52% of venues charge event organizers based on waste tonnage. Additionally, about a quarter of venues provide economic incentives for organizers to reduce landfill waste.
  • Health and wellbeing of staff is of growing importance. Sixty-two percent of venues reported to having a health and wellbeing policy in place that applies to all staff. Policies and programs include health and fitness facilities with free personal trainers to weekly on-site doctor visits.
  • Venues continue to reduce food waste. Planning the precise volume of food needed for attendees helps to control costs and minimize waste. Seventy-seven percent of venues practice active food waste management using either manual or automated tracking, slightly down from last year.

The stats above are just a sampling of the information provided within the 2017 Green Venue Report, which is a must-download for planners and suppliers interested in learning more about sustainability.

The 2017 Green Venue Report (and past reports) are available at