The Greater St. Charles Illinois Convention & Visitors Bureau (GSCCVB) unveiled a new brand identity, with the tagline “Actively Authentic,” which aims to promote the area’s authentic experiences. The rebrand is part of a long-range marketing effort for the group and leisure markets set forth by CVB Executive Director, Lula Cassidy.

“The CVB is now ready to boldly present the strengthened St. Charles, Illinois brand to the world,” Cassidy said. “That’s why we asked McDaniels Marketing, a full-service tourism marketing agency, to help us create a new identity that would help to draw more visitors to the area and present the actively authentic experiences that are available here. The agency has worked with branding destinations throughout the Midwest."

A collaboration with the area’s key stakeholders and destination partners helped determine existing and desired brand attributes. After this team effort, logo concepts and slogans were created and narrowed down to a few options. These ideas were then presented to focus groups that included respondents from the area, as well as potential visitors from at least three hours away, to determine the best choice.

The process resulted in a strengthened brand identity that was overwhelmingly favored. Respondents said the new identity is more colorful and fun, conveying the true, authentic essence of St. Charles.

“Our new brand identity helps to capture the celebratory vibe of St. Charles as a destination,” Cassidy said. “It’s more inviting for visitors and is intended to draw more people to the area for meetings.”

Inspired by the art deco architecture throughout the city, the new logo design incorporates a stylized Mobius strip (infinity symbol) that represents continuity and a marriage of the past, present and future.

A new tagline—Actively Authentic—was also developed that describes the destination as a place for people to run, bike, kayak and get involved in many other outdoor activities. In addition, the ability for visitors to be involved in the art, entertainment, shopping and roaring 20s ambience is key.

“The goal is to move people from being spectators to doers, and this includes those who choose St. Charles for a meeting or event,” Cassidy said. The new brand strength is already being displayed in a new Sight-Doing digital and print ad campaign that emphasizes how visitors can “See It. Do It. Live It.”