Carton House, a historic resort set on 1,100 acres of private parkland in Maynooth, County Kildare, Ireland, debuted their newly renovated banqueting suite and meeting space.

The initial phase of the renovation is intended to elevate the property for corporate groups and social clients, drawn by the resort's unique history, beautiful setting, and proximity to Dublin, which is just a 25-minute drive away.

"Our ambitious renovation project reinforces our commitment to retaining all of the charm and elegance of our resort's 18th-century heritage, whilst also upgrading all of our modern amenities for the benefit of guests," said Eoin O'Sullivan, general manager.

"Our newly redesigned banqueting suite and meetings space are a warm, inviting, and renewed welcome for our corporate guests, weddings parties and groups," he added.

The enhancements bring forth new design touches and upgrades inspired by the rich history of Carton House and the surrounding estate, whose origins date from 1176 when the land belonged to the FitzGerald family, one of the most influential families in Irish history.

Carton House was once the residence of the Duke of Leinster and is the sister house to Leinster House, the current Parliament of Ireland.

It is also said to have been a favorite retreat of Queen Victoria of England.

The refreshed spaces include the nearly 5,500-square-foot Carton Suite and the 3,100-square-foot Kildare Suite. on the first floor. Both with their own dedicated entrances, each room is available as a single suite or divisible into three suites.

The Leinster boardroom, also located on the first floor has too has been fully refreshed with bright yellow leather armchairs.

Improvements include a brighter color palette to bring the beauty of the outdoors indoors, with interiors cast with striking highlights of blues, greens, greys and taupe.

New carpeting features enlarged floral graphics bursting with color over mottled backgrounds to add drama. Simple and elegant neutral grey walls further animate each room in keeping with refurbishments planned for interiors throughout the rest of the property.

The prefunction area located on the ground floor was enhanced with new finishes and features, including neutral wall paint, burnished black vinyl coverings on ceiling recesses,  jewel tones, floral-patterned carpeting and imagery that bleeds into striated blues, greys, and taupe.

Finally, the renovation added new artwork to provide a unique sense of place, with colorful landscapes, florals, still lifes, and other imagery created by contemporary Irish artists, including Jean Bardon, Ruth O'Donnell, Stephen Vaughan, and Nick Hayden.

Taken together, the works carry the sense of grandeur of a country estate in keeping with artwork already displayed throughout the original Manor House.

The Carton House also offers golf courses, three eateries, a leisure center with a pool, spa and tennis courts. The property is a 25-minute drive to Dublin.

Information is based off a news release from Carton House.