From the first day I was introduced to filmmaker and keynote speaker Brett Culp, by our shared friend David Tutera, I knew there was a spirit living inside this person that was very different than what our event industry has always delivered to me.

Culp is far from the larger-than-life personality that stands out in a crowd. As a storyteller, whether it be through his filmmaking or through his words on stage, Brett stands taller than all.

Together, Brett and I are 180 degrees of difference. If we were an acronym, we would be P.A.N.I.C. (Positively, Absolutely, Nothing in Common). Brett says when the phone rings and he sees that Cerbelli is calling, he knows he’s in for an adventure.

Over two decades of being dear friends and working on many projects, the events industry has taken us on wild adventures. In 2019, we created a performance that put Brett in the spotlight--and utilized all his skills rolled into one. Thus was born “StageStory.”

A Customized Storytelling Showcase

Brett and I created StageStory as a way for organizations and companies to present their messages in a show-stopping, emotional performance. StageStory is a custom performance scripted and designed to showcase an organization’s mission, passions and impact.

Watch Virtual Stage Story
Photo: Brett Culp leads StageStory, which delivers customized performances that showcase an organization’s mission, passion and impact, in-person or virtually. Credit: StageStory

A combination of on-stage speaking, music and big-screen imagery, StageStory creates a cinematic multimedia experience that will deliver your message in an impactful and memorable way. And, beyond the live performance, StageStory will equip your team with inspiring words, new content and fresh insights as value-adds for your future organizational communications.

One of my favorite performances closed Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List™: 2020 March 12th--and then literally closed Las Vegas as the whole world went into lockdown. Brett’s performance of 100 Million Moments in front of almost 4,000 event professionals was the most perfect message before our industry colleagues went home to make some tough decisions at the start of COVID.

Watch: 100 Million Moments Video

Imagine doing a grand production like that today? Dare to dream.

We may be months away from doing that again in front of a live audience. Meanwhile, Brett has created a way to send this message to your team, your attendees and bring this powerful message home, virtually.

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Storytelling on a Virtual Stage

One of the biggest challenges with virtual events is building personal, human experiences without a face-to-face connection. Brett designs each Virtual StageStory to express the theme and message of your online event and inspire emotional engagement. It’s an affordable, uplifting way to express your mission and your organization’s impact. Brett works directly with you to craft a customized script and then deliver a pre-produced video that combines speaking, music and visual imagery. 

Your Virtual StageStory will elevate your message to a whole new level, creating a memorable, cinematic experience for each of your online attendees. He has created an extremely affordable Virtual StageStory with three very creative levels of production that not only motivative, but inspires, and will be shared by all and watched over and over again.

Most recently, he created this heart-warming Virtual StageStory for the Association of Club Catering & Event Professionals with Lynne LaFond DeLuca, executive director. Lynne said, “Goosebumps! Can’t stop watching! You brought the emotion to a virtual event that can sometimes feel so non-personal and detached.”

I am proud to share one of my favorite ideas, and a way to spread a positive, uplifting message as we prepare for the fall/winter season of events while we have many of our teams and attendees participating away from each other.

Get ready to smile and share the events energy we all need.

Look for more Cerbelli: Hot Virtual Event Ideas in the upcoming weeks, and most of all stay healthy, stay safe, stay home and stay #EventStrong.

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