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Never in my life has writing about contingencies and contracts been so difficult! So many recent events—earthquakes in Mexico, more hurricanes, and just this week, the Las Vegas mass shooting—have occurred since I began drafting this that the situation is almost incomprehensible.


It would be, for me, immoral, not to note the horrors of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Mexico first. Because of the loss of life in a dramatic way, in an “ordinary” (certainly for our industry) setting in Las Vegas, we are currently more focused there. We understandably want to help the...

LogoMaster the First Impression: Modernize Your Reg Desk

Presenters: Kevin Yanushefski &
Joe Skiados
Tues., Oct. 17, 2017 – 1:00 p.m. ET
Sponsored by Cvent

The Post Office. The DMV. There’s a lot of reasons to hate visiting these places, and long lines might be the worst reason of all. Long lines = stress, and that’s not the first emotion we want our attendees to feel when they arrive at our conferences, meetings and tradeshows. As an event industry, we need to start thinking seriously about real solutions for our check-in and registration desk woes, unless we risk adding “Attending Conferences” to the list of most-hated activities.

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Immense thanks to all three colleagues who took time to respond. They are all busy professionals and their dedication to making the industry safer, smarter and better is appreciated beyond words.

Vegas Resorts Consider New Security Measures @MPI @PCMAHQ #IMEX #eventprofs #meetingprofs

IACC Survey Results Prioritize Delegate Health @IACCmeetings #eventprofs #meetingprofs #wellness

Which of the following choices best describes how you (and/or your organization) currently plan for contingencies?

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Las Vegas Shooting Underscores Hotel Security Choices (via The New York Times)

Trevor Noah: After Mass Shootings, Americans Try to Blame Everything but Guns (via HuffPost)

One Month After Harvey: Debris Piles, Hotel Rooms, Shelters Show Recovery Takes Time (via Longview News-Journal)

FEMA Chief Brock Long Says Puerto Rico Relief ‘Most Logistically Challenging Event’ U.S. Has Ever Seen (via NBC News)

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