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Right now, December, it’s that most awful time of the year (sorry Mr. Pola and Mr. Wyle—you did it better), when groups and hotels, in particular, are champing at the bit to get year-end contracts signed. Sadly, when negotiations are rushed—whether month or quarter-end or in particular, year-end—they are negatively impacted and we end up with a product (contract) that may or may not reflect the intentions and understanding of the parties to the contract(s). Ideal negotiations involve patient listening and responding that moves the discussion forward in a productive fashion.

LogoNovember 2017 Digital Edition

For the November 2017 cover story, Senior Contributor Jeff Heilman examines how airport properties—once the most basic of hotel offerings—are now raising the bar for design, amenities and venues. Also in this issue, we take a look at how CVBs are finding success by embracing smaller meetings in their strategic planning and marketing mix.

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Isn’t it funny how people come into one’s life and stay? I met Bob Korin when we both were much younger and lived in our first apartments in the same building in D.C. Because he was in hotel sales and I in meeting planning, we connected.

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When negotiating contracts…

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