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Friday with Joan

#MeToo in Meetings and Hospitality: What’s Next?

I remember receiving a call years ago from someone important in our industry threatening me and my business if I were to dare speak of something about which I knew nothing about until the call. This person was threatening me based on an incident about which it was believed I’d spoken.
I remember the appointment with a new doctor whose exam of me seemed “not right” and the looks on the nurses’ faces but I didn’t know what to... MORE

Q&A: Sexual Harassment in the Meetings Industry

“Sexual harassment” as a term was not coined until 1975, as documented by Lin Farley in this Op-Ed piece for The New York Times. It was years later that the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) added guidelines on sexual harassment.

For those of you who live in other parts of the world, I encourage you to comment on this article with... MORE


Number of wedding-related lawsuits grows @NACENational @ILEAHub #eventprofs #weddingplanners

High-End Malaysian Hotels Are Banning Headscarves. What's the purpose? @HSMAI @DestIntl #eventprofs #Islam #diversity

What’s Your Take?

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News for Thought

The Importance of Fostering Emotional Diversity in Boys (via Scientific American)

What Makes Some Men Sexual Harassers? Science Tries to Explain the Creeps of the World (via The Washington Post)

Sex or Power? Harassers Want Both, Science Says (via bizwomen)

Evidence That Little Touches Do Mean So Much (via The New York Times)

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