Meetings in a Minute

DAHLIA+ tech evangelist Dahlia El Gazzar explains how event technology and digital marketing technology will collide to impact your meetings and events in 2019.

Sarah Soliman Daudin with Soliman Productions believes all event planners can help prevent sexual harassment by creating an enforceable code of conduct that addresses the issue directly.

Tess Vismale, tech whisperer with the DAHLIA+ marketing agency, shares two tips for networking at meetings and event using the LinkedIn app on your mobile phone.

Rachel Riggs with Tourism Vancouver presents eight simple ideas to incorporate CSR into your meetings, including the use of therapy animals, special guests and clothing drives.

Rick McNary, vice president of private and public partnerships with The Outreach Program, suggests that event planners borrow a strategy from IKEA and create “agency” for attendees at their meetings and events. One option is using CSR activities to inspire action.

Sarah Soliman Daudin explains how meeting and event planners can build off the FOMO factor year-round.

John Ayo shares actions to take if you think you’re coming down with an illness while on the road.

There are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to incentive gifts.

Remember these key words of advice if you’re a stressed-out meeting planner.​

Jo Licata, community projects manager with the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, shares some actionable tips for planners looking to add a meaningful CSR component to their event.