Meetings in a Minute

IACC CEO Mark Cooper shares details about the organization's upcoming meeting planning guide for dietary restrictions, which will provide valuable takeaways.

Ask yourself new questions to spark innovation and creativity.

Focus on your “being-ness” to rock your to-do list​.

As an expert in all things events, meeting planners need to speak up!

Use these tips to maximize your networking time at meetings and events.

Sarah Soliman Daudin, president and CEO of Soliman Productions, offers actionable steps meeting planners can take to address sexual misconduct.

Lori Luna, vice president of events with SaaStr, explains why maintaining your supplier relationships is critical for long-term success in the meetings industry. Hint: it can save you time and money, two very valuable commodities!

David H. Lau shares critical security questions for you to ask your meeting facility.

Tracy Stuckrath of thrive meetings&events details the importance of consistent food labeling at meetings for allergens and other dietary sensitivities.

Theresa Thomas shares risk management best practices to ensure attendee safety.