Meetings in a Minute

Alan Kleinfeld with Arrive Conference Solutions suggests some items to include in your meetings RFP for better risk management.

Tracy Stuckrath of thrive meetings&events describes the need for safe and inclusive F&B options at meetings and some tips for how to achieve this  goal so all attendees are welcome.

Meeting planners can and should be on the front lines of combatting child trafficking.

Take some time to tune out all of the tech chatter to focus on important items, suggests Alex Lukachova, senior meeting planner with Kaiser Permanente.

Thomas Roth, president of Community Marketing & Insights, shares ideas about how to cater to LGBTQ attendees and events.

Don’t forget to tap into all of your resources for your meeting.

Access every channel to communicate effectively with meeting attendees and stakeholders.

Make sure to pack these items in your “meetings emergency kit.”

People remember how you make them feel. Make memories for meeting attendees.

Implementing these three habit-breaking hacks will lead to success.