Dare to Interrupt

Career vs. Family, Critical Thinking and Asking for More

Anh Nguyen, head of customer success at twine and principal and founder of Spark Event Collective, discusses the lost art of critical thinking, redesigning the business model for career women who are caretakers, and the importance of community support to advance and succeed.

Owning the Skin You're In

How can women in business navigate and challenge stereotypes associated with their outward appearance? Anca Trifan, Founder, Creator and CEO of Tree-Fan Events, speaks candidly about her experience as a woman in the male-dominated field of A/V and event production.

F-IT! We're Talking About Menopause, Period.

Yes, we're talking about menopause, people. Carleeka Basnight-Menendez, the No. 1 Black voice for women in menopause, discusses her F-IT Method, building confidence to take risks, advocating for your needs and understanding the business value of addressing a wellness challenge that impacts 50% of the world's population. 

New Level, New Devil: Breaking Up with Burnout Culture

Why do we wait until the sh*t hits the fan to take care of our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing? This vulnerable, blunt conversation between some of the event industry's leading hustlers sheds light on managing stress and anxiety, thriving under pressure and breaking up with burnout culture.

Hard Decisions, Leadership Lessons and the Road Ahead

What are some of the greatest challenges leaders in the meetings industry have faced and what does our community's future look like? Michael Massari, chief sales officer at Caesars Entertainment and co-chair of the Meetings Mean Business Coalition, shares his own leadership lessons as well as his predictions for events in 2022.

Return on Emotion: Creating a Vibe that Drives Business

What is "Return on Emotion" and how can you curate experiences that provoke happiness, which in turn, lead to greater profitability? Liz Lathan, chief marketing officer at Haute, gives us a peek behind the curtain at Haute's groundbreaking study on emotion and the innovative experiences that have blown audiences away.

Unapologetic Advocacy: Using Your Voice to Create Change

How can you best advocate for yourself and your community? Nan Marchand Beauvois, senior vice president, membership and industry relations, at the U.S. Travel Association, shares what goes on behind the scenes when advocating for the future of the meetings industry, speaking to the importance of using one's voice.

Fate Favors the Bold: Entrepreneurship and the Future of Events

What does it take to make the leap into entrepreneurship? Tracy Leparulo, founder and CEO of Untraceable Events, shares how she built her company and reputation as an innovator, futurist and leader in the male-dominated fields of financial technology and cryptocurrency.