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Visit Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach, CA

5/1/2015 - 12/31/2016

Schedule a site visit through the sales team at Visit Huntington Beach and received domestic round-trip airfare.*Sign a contract within 45 days of your site inspection and receive $1,000 or more towards the master folio of the group with a minimum 10...

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Being at the Furry con all seems so normal when you just put on the fur suit. The furries start to fill the massive ballroom at the San Jose Convention Center. There are wolves, foxes, birds of prey,...

Spotlight Homepage

When it comes to green meetings we know about recycling, even composting, omitting plastic bottles and going paperless, but we don’t always think about the water footprint of our food. This is h...

Meetings Topics

Medical Meetings

Medical meeting planners are some of the most specialized and highly trained planners in the industry. It’s not just the technical complexity of medicine, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, anima...


From the expanding golden sands of Galveston, Texas, to regally revamped properties in the Sunshine State, the Gulf Coast region offers a wealth of intriguing and exciting settings and venues for plan...

Summer Mountain Meetings


Presenter: Myllisa Patterson
Tuesday, February 09, 2016
1:00 PM ET
Presenter: Jim Spellos
Wednesday, February 24, 2016
1:00 PM ET
Presenter: Robyn Mietkiewicz
Wednesday, March 30, 2016
1:00 PM ET

Meetings Technology

How Drones May Propel Your Event

Call it the up, up and away Peter Pan flight drive that exists somewhere in all of us, or just the wow of a new and dramatic technology that will impact our lives in a variety of perhaps unanticipated...

Costing Your Connectivity

It's safe to say few planners expect the meeting or event venues they contract to provide free food and beverage services. Yet many planners continue to expect free, consistent and constant intern...

Talking Tech: Smile for the Camera! (Dec. 2015)

Events provide a great source of photos and videos, and the tools listed below can used to increase attendee engagement and significantly broaden the social footprint of your next meeting. Mobile Soc...

Going Places

Julie Coker Graham | Pennsylvania

PHILADELPHIA Julie Coker Graham is the new president and CEO of the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB). She assumed the role following the retirement of current President and CEO,...

Victor Freeman | New York

NEW YORK New York Hilton Midtown announced the appointment of Victor Freeman as the hotel manager of the 1,932-room midtown property. “Victor’s proven leadership and expertise in ma...

Nicole Beykirch | Texas

THE WOODLANDS, Tex. Benchmark Hospitality International named Nicole Beykirch global sales director. “It is with tremendous pleasure that I announce Nicole’s promotion within Benchmark H...

Destination Close-Ups

Madrid is a metro on the move for meetings

There’s a phrase in Spain, “la marcha,” which means “the march” and refers to the nonstop energy Spaniards have for eating, drinking and socializing, especially when nigh...

Planner Checklists

Audiovisual Tips for Meetings

  Things to document regarding the venue Verify the room capacity charts. Note exact room dimensions, not just room capacities Ceiling heights are VERY important to document. No...

Concierge Insights

Charlie Loor, Hotel Chandler - New York City

What service can you provide to groups that they normally might not receive? I organize transportation for large groups on buses and stretch SUVs and can arrange dinner meetings at well-known restaura...