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Westin Debuts Sleep Well Menu

Westin Hotels & Resorts introduced the Westin Sleep Well Menu, now available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the brand’s more than 200 hotels and resorts around the world.

Recommended by the experts at SuperFoodsRx, the items on the Westin Sleep Well Menu are packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals that promote rest and recovery.

In response to the growing number of studies emphasizing the benefits of a restful nights’ sleep, Westin designed the menu to help guests ease into sound slumber so that they can easily adjust to a new time zone, recover from a hectic day of travel or prepare for an active day ahead.

“Eating the right foods can have a dramatic effect on your quality of sleep and ultimately your well-being, so we were delighted to partner with Westin to create a menu that specifically addresses this,” said David Stern, managing partner, SuperFoodsRx. “Essential elements like tryptophan, magnesium, potassium, folate, serotonin and thiamin work together to prevent insomnia and reset sleep cycles, giving guests the chance to feel refreshed and energized in the morning.”

Designed to help guests feel their best wherever they are traveling, the menu features items such as, grilled wild salmon with walnut quinoa; a micro chopped turkey salad; poached eggs on asparagus with snap peas and shitake mushrooms; and oatmeal tabouleh, among others.

As a bedtime snack for guests who have a small appetite before going to bed, the menu offers whole grain crackers with peanut butter; non-fat yogurt with granola; edamame and whole wheat pretzels; cherry walnut oat muffins and more. Local herbal teas with calming herbs will also be available.

The Westin Sleep Well Menu builds on the brand’s global Well-Being Movement, dedicated to finding new approaches to wellness through innovative partnerships and programs across the brand’s six pillars of well-being: Feel Well, Work Well, Move Well, Eat Well, Sleep Well and Play Well.

In conjunction with World Sleep Day and the debut of the Sleep Well menu, Westin Hotels & Resorts is giving the gift of sleep with a sweepstakes, whereby participants will have the opportunity to win a five-night stay at any Westin hotel or resort around the world, a coveted Westin Heavenly Bed or Westin Heavenly Bedding among others. To enter, guests can visit

Westin also recently unveiled a global design refresh, which also incorporates wellness.