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Lee Papa's Tips to Stay Well on the Road

Lee Papa 
Mindfulness Speaker and Trainer

One of the challenges I have when I travel is sticking to the routine I have conscientiously put in place for my highest well- being. That includes my water intake, nutritional supplements, meditation and exercise, to name a few.

When you travel, particularly on business, and things get increasingly hectic, the first things that typically fall by the wayside are self-care related. First order of business: Set the intention to make “you” a priority and plan ahead.

➊ Hydrate with quality water. The water will keep your systems moving and nourish your cells.

Before you get to your room, pick up the best- quality water you can get: spring, PH-balanced or whatever is the optimal offering you can find. In most cities, staying away from tap water is a healthy choice.

➋ Take supplements. Pack your nutritional supplements and set your phone alarm to remind you to take them. Set two reminders if you are one of those folks that will just turn off the alarm and dismiss your self-care. If you do not take supplements, invest in a quality natural vitamin C to help boost your immune system. Vitamin C is a winner every time.

➌ Breathe. Most of us are shallow breathers and when stress is added it may feel more like a canine panting. Use your phone to set a timer for five minutes of deep breathing before you get in the shower in the morning and before you retire to bed. The breathing will relieve tension and energize your cells.