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How to Engage Gen Z Audiences

It is easy to focus on how different Gen Z attendees can be from other generations. But they share one key attribute: youth. No, your Boomer, Gen X and Millennial attendees aren’t young, but they were once.

Many of the same things that appealed to your older attendees when they were 20-somethings appeal to Gen Zers, but with a few tech tweaks.

Instagram It: Visuals have been key event messaging channels for as long as there have been posters and flyers. The visual equivalent for Gen Z is apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Turn your Gen Z attendees into advocates by making sure your experiences and content provide "Instagram Moments" they can share. 

Time Is Still Money: Gen Zers may be young, but they are as crunched for time as the rest of us. If they are going to invest their time at your event, it better be worth it. They have already learned that you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Blend Business and Leisure: Remember the excitement of your first glimpse of Orlando? Chicago? Boston? San Diego? Or any other new city where you were attending an event for the first time?

Wherever you are meeting, your Gen Z attendees probably haven’t been there before. Boost your event appeal by building in time to escape the convention center and explore that new destination!

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