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Women Making a Difference in the Meetings Industry

In recognition of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018, we decided to single out some of the hard-working women we’ve written profiles on since the beginning of 2017.

While it may seem odd to highlight International Women’s Day (a single day!) when you realize that the meetings industry—and more specifically the event planning profession—is predominantly made up of women who make stellar contributions daily, there is still more progress to be made.

And that industry progress also extends to working harder to make meetings more accessible for all.

Let’s take this day to explore and reflect on how women throughout our industry are the engine that drives it forward.

Although we regrettably can’t single out each and every woman who has made her mark since the beginning of 2017 that were profiled or interviewed by Meetings Today, we hope this partial list serves as a reminder of the contributions these and other extraordinary women have made to the industry.


Among the planners we’ve covered in Meetings Today are:

The best place to find a whole host of female meeting planners who are blazing new trails, along with educators and suppliers, is our annual Meetings Trendsetters feature.


More and more women are not only breaking into, but taking over the tech industry, and that includes those in the meetings and hospitality world. Examples of women who are moving tech forward include:

All three are leading the way in the industry when it comes to the utilization of new technology.


One of the biggest trends in the meetings industry and the hospitality world in general in recent years, is wellness. Everyone is increasingly focused on staying fit, both mentally and physically.

Here are just a few of the women who are leading the way in wellness:

All of these examples prove that there has been no shortage of female changemakers blazing new trails in health and wellness in the meetings realm, helping planners navigate all aspects of their busy lives.


Hotels, facilities and CVBs are vital in making meetings and events a reality. More women are taking charge in executive roles on the supplier side of the business. Here are some examples:

Even more insights are available from our recent interviews with Marriott leaders.


We’re going to cheat a bit in this category, because those who dedicate their time to charity should get all of the attention they deserve. So take a deep breath as we share some examples:


The glass ceiling of the male-dominated world of top-echelon chefs is increasingly being shattered by women who are making a name for themselves by leading kitchens around the U.S. and beyond. Following are some standout females of the food world: 

Thanks to all of these wonderful women who are making a difference in our industry and our lives!

Happy International Women’s Day!