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Best-Smelling Booth at IMEX?: Repeat Roses and Hilton Worldwide Team Up for CSR Initiative

IMEX America attendees had the chance to participate in a CSR event at what some dubbed the best-smelling booth at IMEX. Hilton Worldwide and the company Repeat Roses teamed up to offer a flower arranging opportunity as part of Hilton’s ongoing "Meet with Purpose" initiative for planners.

With the help of Repeat Roses founder and CEO Jennifer Grove, a steady stream of attendees arranged their own small bouquets using a kaleidoscope of colors including red, orange and pink roses, carnations and chrysanthemums to donate to a local Las Vegas women’s shelter, The Shade Tree.

The first step was choosing the assortment of flowers followed by one of the helpers offering suggestions on where to cut the stems and the floral setup. The attendees then wrote a note of encouragement for whoever would receive the bouquet, anything from “You are strong,” to “You are beautiful.”

The bouquets were delivered to The Shade Tree women’s shelter during IMEX America. The flowers would then be picked back up and used for composting rather than going to a landfill.

Repeat Roses works with groups across the country and will match and deliver flowers to patients in hospices, cancer treatment centers, mental health facilities, and domestic abuse and homeless shelters. 

“It’s great for getting people to work together,” Grove said.

Grove emphasized the sustainability initiative of the company. Along with diverting the flowers from landfills, the flowers used at IMEX America were from a wholesaler planning to throw them out.

“They might not be wedding perfect, but the people getting these designs will love it,” Grove said.

Check out images from the Repeat Roses and Hilton Worldwide booth at IMEX America below.

IMEX America Attendee Creating a Bouquet at the Repeat Roses Booth

Repeat Roses Founder and CEO Jennifer Grove at IMEX America Booth

IMEX America Attendees Working on Bouquets at the Repeat Roses Booth

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