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Take 10: 'In Balance: Mind, Body and Meeting Wellness' With Deborah Gee

Deborah Gee answers additional questions from the 08.29.18 In Balance: Mind, Body and Meeting Wellness webinar.

1. How do you do all of this while sticking to a budget?

Sometimes I have to let go of some of the other agenda items to make space in the budget to do these. I get very resourceful in what I am buying and decorating with. I look for ways to use the same items over again throughout the conference or event to really showcase my vibe or theme and it’s all part of being mindful – less waste and I purchase good quality products. I also look for ways to be environmentally conscience and stop printing and branding so many items that will likely end up in a landfill!

2. How do you suggest integrating these ideas into a highly educational medical conference?

Talk to your clients to see where they are at with this and start small if you have to. A zen lounge / quiet space and optional sweat studio on site can be an interesting way to make mindful events present without forcing everyone to have to participate. Food and ambient décor / sensory elements can also be a way to start the mindful way of meeting without going trying to do it all at once.

3. What were the brands/companies that made the wellness gifts? Pocket Farmacy, Young living and ...

Saje Doterra Young Living

4. How would you sell any of this to a client that you're planning a meeting for and convince them to include it in their meeting agenda and budget?

Storyboards work well to visually show your client the added benefit as well as including stats on what works and how it benefits your guests. Ideally if you are working on a very tight budget you would want to substitute some if these ideas for sessions or breakouts your client may have had in their agenda originally.

5. Deborah this is awesome!!!! Lululemon is a member of my association and we are working on this very program now. We have a #PRSMFIT program now, and are extending it to our members and integrating into our events. What ways have you found best outside of "more emails" to keep the fit going after events and in touch with our members? I also would love to chat with you one on one about involving you and your department into some Canadian events we have coming up.

We have included a journal with pre-populated dates for check-ins and accountability dates. We have also created writing stations and had guests mail a note to themselves. We mail them out at a much later date and this arrived in time to re-boot their health commitment!

6. Have you ever had pushback on these ideas?

Yes, not all of these ideas work for every brand, company, or client. You need to know your audience and ensure you do your research on their company culture, their own wellness programs and if you can, interview a few of their team members to find out and gauge their openness or willingness to these types of activations and ideas. You want to be able to meet your clients where they are at.

7. What's an easy way to introduce these techniques into a program that hasn't had anything like it before?

Visuals, storytelling and being able to experience some of it firsthand. Create the mood for your meeting with the client and allow them to be immersed in this type of experience even if only for an hour or two in a meeting so they can really taste and smell if (literally) for themselves.

8. What's your favorite group size?

It totally depends on what I am trying to accomplish. Yoga works at any size and can have a huge impact with a huge group. If you are integrating personal development and getting into deep work with your guests, smaller groups of 40 people are perfect size.

9. Did you encounter negative feedback from a religious standpoint surrounding the astrologist?

We did not as there was not a religious tone to this, but again know your audience and ensure this is in line with the company or client's culture and openness to this type of presenter.

10. Can you clarify if the venue charged corkage for the farmers market items or were the items provided by the venue?

It depends on the venue, but we did a combo of having the venue source and charge us for certain items and the rest we were able to bring in with a per person fee that was paid to offset to the venue. This can also be something you do offsite or outdoors for full farmers market effect!

11. How do you work with the venue for multi-day events to not throw out your plants, etc?

We ensure they are well aware of the overall game plan and enroll them in helping us keep the plants watered or stored properly. If needs be, we will get an additional room or space where we can store all of our goods and keep them safe and secure. Ideally though, I ensure the venue knows about the details and vibe and style of program so they can also get their staff and teams into the same wellness / mindful mindset.


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