These Incredible Dice Portraits Will Get Your Event Rolling

September 9, 2021
Dice Ideas LeBron James portrait.
Beyonce dice sculpture, by Dice Ideas.
Beyonce dice sculpture, by Dice Ideas. Credit: Dice Ideas.

I am proud that our new venue in New York City, TwoFortyThirty, is not only Manhattan’s newest private venue and shared creative workspace, but something I always dreamt about growing up—having my own gallery of art. From taking lessons as a child at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, I always dreamt of a place I could just sit and meet new and emerging artists and hear their stories about their work. 

There are so many different personalities when it comes to art. What do you want from a piece of art? Originality? Inspiration? A sense of wonder? Creativity? Well, we found two “mates” from the other side of the pond that have definitely put their creativity to the test. Meet Ben and Ross, the creators of Dice Ideas.

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Ben and Ross from Dice Ideas, as children.
Ben and Ross from Dice Ideas, as children. Credit: Dice Ideas.

Rolling the Dice 

At Dice Ideas, these two are on a mission to achieve all of these elements in their work by taking an ordinary item, like a dice cube, and turning it into the extraordinary.     

They believe that you should display art that reflects your character, personality or even your history. After all, artwork is a material representation of yourself, and you are proud to share any piece you feel a personal connection to. With this in mind, Ben and Ross have worked hard to develop a process in which they can work alongside you to create unique dice art that echoes your sentiment. 

For events, planners can commission Ben and Ross to create Dice sculptures portraying C-level hosts, for instance. 

As you can see from their catalogue of work, Dice Ideas derives inspiration from nature, sports stars, artists and business icons that they love and respect. Just like these icons, they want to apply the same dedication and persistence in pursuit of our goal to produce meaningful mosaics. 

Since becoming friend over 20 years ago, at primary school in the U.K., they have always followed their passions.  Whether that be sports, technology, music or design, their lives have always been about championing collaboration and creativity. 

How Dice Ideas Is Done

Dice Ideas creating dice portrait.
Dice Ideas creating a dice portrait. Credit: Dice Ideas.

Dice Ideas was formed by bringing together both their artistic and design traits, and utilizing these skill sets is intrinsic to the uniqueness of their work. They work with seven sides of a black die. Seven, you wonder? Yes—seven sides! One through six are white dots on a black die, and then they have one more die where they black out the one.  

Building the art is the next step. They meticulously design the die layout digitally and then build the piece one die at a time. The entire process is then captured through a time-lapse keepsake. 

So, pardon the pun, but you won’t “crap out” with these creative blokes!  


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