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Venetian Resort Las Vegas Announces $188 Million Convention Center Renovation

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas recently announced plans to spend $188 million renovating its convention center over the next few years. The renovations are part of the resort’s $1 billion capital investment project and will be completed in stages from 2024 through 2026. The convention center is known as one of the largest meeting facilities in the world, and the resort itself is home to over 2.25 million square feet of meeting, exposition and convention space.  

The space renovation was designed by Woogmaster Studio, a design firm in Las Vegas, and will include new color palettes, lighting and audiovisual updates, as well as digital screens and other new technology. The renovations will also include elevated lounge-style spaces for executives, which will provide opportunities to host invitation-only events in a 10,000-square-foot space.  

“Embarking on a refresh of a convention center that hosts back-to-back events year in and year out is no easy task, but our promise is to provide our guests a best-in-class experience,” said Patrick Nichols, president and CEO of The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. “The finishes and amenities planned were thoughtfully curated based on feedback from our customers and will usher in a new era of Venetian Meetings and maintain our position at the forefront of the industry.” 

This information is based on a press release from The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

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