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Cvent Acquires Reposite, Launches New AI Products and Enhancements

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At Cvent’s annual Cvent CONNECT conference June 10-13 in San Antonio, the meetings tech giant announced it acquired Reposite, an AI-powered online vendor and supplier sourcing platform. Reposite has a database of over 35,000 offerings for groups, RFP creation tools and AI-powered quote matching solutions.  

The acquisition of Reposite will help extend Cvent’s sourcing offerings across 10 event-related categories, including transportation, restaurants, entertainment, staffing, gifting and more. Reposite’s technology will also help grow the Cvent Vendor Marketplace, streamline communication between suppliers and planners, and help match planner RFPs with the best-fit suppliers using AI technology.  

“This announcement marks an exciting new chapter for our Reposite team,” said Heather Stupi, co-founder of Reposite, in a press release. “We’re excited to join an industry leader who shares our passion for connecting the meetings and events ecosystem and powering the human connection through in-person events.”

Cvent also launched a number of other AI products and enhancements at CONNECT:  

New AI Tools within Planner Navigator: These tools will help sales teams automatically match their hotel, venue or destination with event planners, as well as helping hoteliers create tailor-made pitches to prospects.

Improved AI Solutions in Cvent Supplier Network (CSN): These solutions include natural language search functionality, which will help match planners with best-fit properties for their key criteria.

Faster and More Efficient RFP Responses: New AI technology will reference a hotel or venue’s past RFP responses and CSN profile information to generate answers to custom questions from planners instantly, reducing the time it takes for sales teams to respond to planner proposals.

Enhanced Agenda and Diagram Creation: AI tools within CSN can help planners build comprehensive agendas and precise, customized floorplans and room layouts.  

Cvent also announced several planned AI-powered product offerings for its Event Marketing and Management platform that align with three key themes: enhanced planner efficiency, personalized attendee experience and planner and venue collaboration. Some of these new products include:  

Elevated Content Creation with Cvent’s AI Writing Assistant: Launched last year, the writing assistant now features a more conversational and context-aware experience that allows planners to fine-tune copy for event websites, attendee communications, email marketing, mobile event apps and more.

New Attendee-Facing Chatbot Support: The chatbots will act as a “virtual concierge” that can quickly answer attendee questions about an event, including helping to build personalized event agendas.

Registration Planning With Predictive Modeling: Leveraging millions of historical event data patterns, Cvent’s AI tools can help event professionals predict registration and attendance counts for upcoming events.  

Session and Event Summaries: New AI-powered features will give attendees near-instant access to summaries of any sessions they attend, including providing attendees with event takeaways and a compilation of key moments across an entire event.  

"We are in an age of unprecedented innovation where a key to driving greater impact and value lies in our ability to capitalize on the transformative power of artificial intelligence,” said David Quattrone, chief technology officer and co-founder of Cvent. “We're committed to thoughtfully incorporating this powerful new technology across our platform in ways that are most useful to our customers and users.” 

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