The World of Wellness in Meetings and Events

During this wellness-focused webinar, Kristine Iverson, founder and president of Crow Practice, will aim to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate wellness trends into event planning, as well as share tools and techniques for their own well-being. Beyond practical tools and techniques, this course aims to provide insight into creating immersive, engaging and wellness-centric event experiences that prioritize the well-being of attendees while aligning with the client's event goals and themes.

Participants will learn about the emerging trends of interactive game play such as virtual reality, forest bathing and more! Throughout the interactive discussion, participants will also explore the cutting edge techniques such as the spiral, neurological rewiring and more. 

Learning Objective:

  • Provide an overview of the event planning environment as it relates to wellness. 
  • Share different tools and techniques for event planners to leverage in times of stress. 
  • Identify wellness trends and their significance in event planning. 
  • Demonstrate interactive activities regarding energy shifting techniques.


Earn CEUs: The Events Industry Council has reviewed the learning objectives of this activity and has indicated that attendees will receive 1 CE hours in the Meeting or Event Design Domain of the CMP or CMP-HC Standards.

Course approved for CMP credit through EIC.
Kristine Iverson
Kristine Iverson
Founder and President
Crow Practice