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Digital Opportunities

Breaking News, Planner Education and Exclusive Content

Meetings Today provides a range of digital resources for planners to help them excel in their careers. Engaging articles, video content and blog posts encourage planners to become better critical thinkers while keeping them connected to the latest trends and venue offerings in the meetings industry.

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digital opportunities





A Trusted Source of Industry News

On, our audience can find up-to-date news coverage that addresses all aspects of the industry, from disaster coverage and breaking news to updates on new and renovated properties and the latest hospitality mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, the website gives planners access to the digital and web editions of Meetings Today magazine, alongside a trove of exclusive content.


Planner Tips and Expert Interviews

Our popular Meetings in a Minute video series delivers need-to-know, easy-to-digest information for planners across a variety of topics, including event technology, contract negotiation, risk management and more. Meanwhile, video interviews with top hospitality industry representatives keep planners looped in on the supplier side of the business and on top of the latest trends where they book events.




Generate Hundreds of Leads

Our CMP approved monthly webinars extend your brand to a wider and more qualified audience. Enjoy the benefits of our sophisticated webinar platform designed to increase engagement and interest throughout the event. Sponsors will receive all participant registration data. View all of our 2023 webinars.


From Industry Shows

We produce our On-Location video broadcasts from the top industry shows, including MPI & IMEX America. These broadcasts allow planners who were unable to attend the ability to be engaged in the event. Our shows give them the opportunity to gain valuable insight from what they may have missed.


Reach our entire audience!

Get your message out to our entire subscriber database with our daily enewsletter Meetings Today, sent Tuesday through Thursday, or Friday With Joan, Meetings in a Minute, and New & Renovated, sent once each per month on Fridays.