In a city that thrives on the adage bigger is better, plans for what is being called the world’s largest cannabis dispensary and entertainment complex make perfect sense.

It didn’t take long for Las Vegas to turn 2017 legalization of adult-use cannabis in Nevada into a glitzy new attraction. Planet 13 Holdings, which currently runs an off-Strip dispensary, is building a 40,000-square-foot cannabis superstore and entertainment space slated to open in phases starting in November 2018. No event space is planned for the facility yet, but it’s a possibility for Phase 2.

Phase 1 of the project will encompass more than 40,000 square feet of initial offerings and includes a multifaceted entertainment space featuring interactive attractions and more than 16,500 square feet of cannabis retail space.

“We have already generated a loyal following of Las Vegas customers at our current dispensary location and we are confident that the Superstore will be a strong draw for the 55 million visitors from around the world that come to the city each year,” said Robert Groesbeck, co-CEO of Planet 13 Holdings.

“With Phase 1 of the project fully funded, under construction, and on time, we are excited to showcase the unparalleled interactive entertainment and product lines we will have available for guests in the coming months,” added Groesbeck, who is also a board member with the company.

Finding the Right Location

Located just off the Strip, less than a 10-minute walk from the Wynn Las Vegas, the Planet 13 Superstore build site was selected so that it’s positioned in a central location. A reported 65,000 hotel rooms overlook the spot and the facility will be highly visible and accessible from Interstate 15.

Las Vegas regulations prohibit dispensaries from setting up shop within the gaming corridor on the Strip, but Planet 13 strategically found this location as close to the strip as regulations allow.

Planet 13’s director of marketing, David Farris, said in a press release, “We feel strongly that us being in a position that we are so close to the Strip, it really makes Planet 13 Superstore compete with a lot of the destinations on the Strip itself because it’s right there—it’s in walking distance.”

Planet 13 Project Details

The Superstore will total 112,000 square feet when all phases are completed. Highlighted features will include 13 LED lotus flowers reaching 15 feet high atop the roof of the building—an interactive art display that can be controlled by visitors. Also, there will be a branded water feature outside the facility.

The lobby features will include LED flooring that creates an interactive show as guests walk in, and a glowing aerial orb will hover above the dispensary floor in the main portion of the complex.

Other eye candy will include several 3D visuals projected onto the walls. Additionally, visitors will be able to create their own visual art with interactive laser graffiti using a device that resembles a spray paint can.

The Superstore will also have 45 to 50 registers to serve the large number of anticipated visitors.

“We’re calling it a superstore based on its sheer size because we will be the world’s largest dispensary, and of course this being the entertainment capital of the world in Las Vegas, we took priority in becoming that destination,” Farris said. “We wanted to make it a true Las Vegas experience.”

The Superstore will be in an existing building, which Planet 13 is renovating, according to Farris.

A Slow and Steady Roll Out

Planet 13 is rolling out its Superstore location slowly, Farris added.

“We don’t want to come out of the gates too aggressively, and I think that’s why we wanted to really tease the market a little bit with what’s to come,” he said. “I know we’ve announced the location of this dispensary and its size and its magnitude, but we’ve really held off on ... what entertainment it’s going to captivate.”

Planet 13 also plans to build a coffee shop and storefronts within the facility.

According to the company, the Superstore doesn’t have an identified venue space for groups as of yet, however those involved with Planet 13 said they are open to the idea as they look to expand to Phase 2.

Planet 13 Facility Renderings

Below are some additional Phase 1 project renderings courtesy of Planet 13.

Planet 13 Exterior Full Rendering

Planet 13 Las Vegas Exterior Rendering

Planet 13 Interior Rendering 01

Planet 13 Las Vegas Interior Main Entrance/Reception

Planet 13 Interior Rendering 02

Planet 13 Las Vegas Interior Retail Promenade