In the ever-escalating #MeToo climate, MPI is standing by its commitment to establish harassment-free, safe environments that foster healthy exchanges, professional growth and collaboration.

The association just rolled out MPICares, a reporting system for harassment complaints and concerns that can be completely confidential at the reporter’s request.

In a letter sent to the MPI community, Paul Van Deventer, president and CEO of MPI, said the new system is designed to improve transparency, enhance communication and empower people to raise issues and concerns if they experience misconduct or observe it. The system will also allow positive comments and feedback.

“We collectively share in the responsibility to create a safe, secure and ethical community, including by steadfastly implementing a zero-tolerance policy to the types of misconduct that jeopardize our community values and/or are in conflict with our Principles of Professionalism,” Van Deventer stated.

As a longstanding member of MPI, Sarah Soliman Daudin, president and CEO of Soliman Productions, said she is proud to see the organization take initiative over all forms of harassment.

“More importantly, the ability to take a stand and communicate their mission to the industry at-large is vital to ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all meeting professionals,” she added.

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Soliman Duadin and Courtney Stanley, speaker, writer and business consultant with CS Consulting, have both experienced harassment in the meetings and events industry and were motivated to create the educational session #MeetingsToo: How to Prevent and Manage Sexual Harassment at Events.

The session has been on the program this year at conferences such as MPI World Education Congress in Indianapolis and MPI Northern California Chapter’s Education Day in San Francisco.

As a past member of MPI's International Board of Directors and an active volunteer in the meetings community, Stanley applauded MPI for providing resources to address incidents of harassment.

“My hope—and expectation—is that every association and business both inside and outside of our industry will not only provide similar resources, but more importantly will follow through on their commitment to practicing integrity,” she said.

MPICares, managed by NAVEX Global’s EthicsPoint system, a third-party provider, can be found here.

MPI vowed to review and respond to all reports appropriately and in a timely manner.

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