SmithBucklin, an association management company, released its annual publication, Circuit. The report, now in its 16th year of publication, includes the company’s “20 for 2019,” a series of articles about key trends, issues and developments that will impact associations.

“This year’s edition features the ‘20 for 2019’ section, which captures the perspectives of our colleagues and experts outside our company on 20 key trends, issues and developments that will impact associations in the coming year,” said SmithBucklin CEO Matt Sanderson.

SmithBucklin is also celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2019.

To commemorate this milestone, 70 luminaries from a range of professions and industries, including association leaders, mayors, CEOs, Academy Award winners, best-selling authors and journalists were asked why they believe associations are critically important.

The responses made up the organization’s “70 Quotes for 70 Years” booklet.

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Circuit’s 20 articles cover such topics as diversity and inclusion, financial health, education, content, membership, advocacy and attendee experience. The publication also includes news and highlights about SmithBucklin and its client organizations.

5 issues impacting associations featured in the 2019 edition of Circuit include:

  • The Importance of Diversity & Inclusion: Diversity and inclusion is not just “the right thing to do” but also imperative from a business standpoint. A focus on D&I can directly impact the success of an association by bringing in new voices to generate better ideas, find new solutions, and improve decision-making. It can lead to increased membership and event attendance, according to Jim Zaniello, CEO of Vetted Solutions.
  • Time is of the Essence: Associations need to rethink what constitutes value for their members. Offerings that increase members’ efficiency may leave members feeling happier and more satisfied, thus providing more value than other strategies.
  • Interest in Education: Keeping association members interested in educational offerings can be a difficult task. Knowing your audience and their needs is key.
  • Keeping Up With Gen Z: Generation Z is currently the largest generation, representing 26 percent of the U.S. population according to The Nielsen Total Audience Report, and they are hitting the workplace. Circuit details how associations can meet the needs of this tech-savvy, educated group who expect customization and variety. 
  • The Bottom Line. Keeping an eye on the future of association events is imperative, according to Carol McGury, executive vice president of event and education services at SmithBucklin. The economic landscape of association events is changing. Is the commission model a thing of the past? How is safety and the need for security changing? How can virtual opportunities be leveraged for successful events?

Check out the 2019 Circuit publication from SmithBucklin for more information.

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