We Can Carry the World on Our Shoulders (most of the time)

How can we lead with excellence during times of great uncertainty and change? Tenacious powerhouse entrepreneur Tammy Dickerson, President & Lead Planner at tbg Events, discusses how being your own biggest cheerleader, putting people first, and taking care of yourself are all important actions to implement when catalyzing professional momentum, especially during COVID-19.

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About Our Guest:

Tammy DickersonTammy Dickerson, is the Founder and Lead Planner of tbg Events. Celebrated as a tenacious powerhouse, Tammy oversees illustrious affairs from installations and social galas to fundraisers and corporate conferences.

For over 27 years, she has partnered with politicians, global organizations, celebrities and business tycoons on the curation and production of their events. An extensive background in business marketing and sales made Tammy the savvy and meticulous event curator she is today. She moved up the ranks quickly in her early corporate career overseeing projects including the Super Bowl and Olympic Torch Relay in Los Angeles as well as numerous regional and national sales meetings, sales rallies and trade shows. She soaked up a wealth of knowledge and experience that boosted her confidence in the industry.

A later role at Coca-Cola relocated Tammy from Texas to Los Angeles where her career would take on a different face. An opportunity to manage The Inner-City Economic Summit with Vice-President Al Gore as the keynote speaker altered the trajectory of her career. Tammy resigned from Coca-Cola and managed the summit under her own company, The Baker Group. This high-profile event would be the first of many and set the tone for her success as an event expert. Since fully launching her company 20 years ago, Tammy has worked with countless Fortune 100 Companies, including Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Wells Fargo, Disney, The LA Sparks and The Milken Institute. tbg Events, as it’s now known, produces over 30 events annually with anywhere from 50 to over 15,000 guests.

Within the event world, Tammy is known for her consistency in delivering results that exceed the expectations of her clients. She will stop at no end to ensure no detail goes unnoticed as exceeding is the standard at tbg Events. Tammy has guided the steady growth of tbg, now an international company with revenues of over 2.3 million annually. She maintains close supervision of the agency's accounts and has assembled a phenomenal team of planners to manage them.

Tammy finds joy in the journey of guiding her clients through the process of actualizing their ideas and concepts from start to finish. Tammy is a proud member of Meeting Planners International Southern California Chapter (MPISCC) and National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Black Meeting Planners International and Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce (GLAAACC). Beyond the world of events and professional titles lie Tammy’s most prized and valuable roles; those of wife and mother.

She finds her greatest purpose in being an inspiration within her home as well as to others who look to her as an example and mentor. She is committed to community and enjoys creating space for women business owners by hosting networking events, doing speaking engagements and supporting organizations that advocate for women entrepreneurs. Tammy is devoted to leaving behind a rich legacy of hard work balanced well with family, humanity and love.

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Courtney StanleyCourtney believes that transforming past experiences into impactful conversations through raw, authentic storytelling challenges the status quo, connects people from all walks of life and results in great change for the world.

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  • Serves on the Events Industry Sexual Harassment Task Force, AWE’s Board of Directors, MPI’s Women’s Advisory Board, is a Meetings Mean Business Ambassador and is the co-founder of the award-winning movement, #MeetingsToo.
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