Helping Veterans Through Songwriting, With CreatiVets

Photo of CreatiVets' Brett Gillan.
Brett Gillan

Non-profit organization CreatiVets helps veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries by teaming them with songwriters to share what are sometimes their most guarded, and painful, experiences and emotions.

CreatiVets has served veterans in all 50 states, to equip them with lifelong tools for success beyond the battlefield.  To learn more about CreatiVets mission and programs

Meetings Today got to experience the concept of this musical magic firsthand when it brought in CreatiVets to facilitate the writing of songs about meeting and event planning at its Meetings Today LIVE! South event in Nashville as part of a CSR program.

In this Meetings Today Podcast, Vice President & Chief Content Director Tyler Davidson discusses the mission of CreatiVets with Brett Gillan, its program director. Discover how you can help this amazing organization help our veterans through its unique form of music therapy.

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