Championing Women and Building Confidence Through Experience: A Great Events & Dare to Interrupt Podcast Mashup

Rachel Andrews and Courtney Stanley pose next to Cvent's Great Events podcast promotional graphic

Ever feel like an imposter? 

You’re not alone. Imposter syndrome can affect anyone anytime, especially women in leadership roles. 

In this episode of Cvent's Great Events podcast, host Rachel Andrews teams up with Dare to Interrupt podcast host Courtney Stanley. Stanley shares personal insights and actionable strategies, emphasizing the importance of diverse mentorship and collaborative efforts.

This episode isn’t just about mastering imposter syndrome; it’s about empowering women in leadership, driving career growth and making impactful contributions within the meetings and events industry.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to cultivate confidence, overcome imposter syndrome and use self-belief as a driving force for career growth 
  • How the impact of engaging in diverse mentorship can cause a ripple effect of empowerment
  • How to better serve your teams and foster a culture of visibility and opportunity for women

Listen to the episode below.

Listen to more insights from Courtney Stanley in the Dare to Interrupt podcast.

View the transcript, watch the video recording and listen to more episodes of Great Events.

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