Shedding Light on the Darkness: Pulling Back the Curtain on Toxic Leadership

Season 5, Episode 4

Guest: Dr. Brandi Baldwin, CEO, Millennial Ventures 

"Forget my money. Forget my reputation. Forget what people will say about me."

That's what Dr. Brandi Baldwin, CEO of Millennial Ventures, declared after deciding to write an open letter about an influential leader who had created a hostile work environment. This is her story.

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Meet Our Guest

Photo of Dr. Brandi Baldwin, standing.Dr. Brandi Baldwin serves as the CEO of Millennial Ventures, an award-winning startup dedicated to launching impactful initiatives in the realms of education and workforce innovation.

From empowering school districts with real-time student experience data for enhanced safety measures to guiding organizations in adopting sustainable diversity and inclusion practices, the Millennial Ventures team champions the notion that many challenges can be addressed not through dismantling existing systems, but by designing new ones.

Photo of Dr. Brandi Baldwin, sitting on a couch.Dr. Brandi's knack for systems thinking has garnered recognition from industry leaders such as Google, Fast Company, Comcast, Discover, Salesforce and government agencies. They seek her out to glean unconventional insights and expertise on positioning their organizations for future success. She has spoken at over 200 companies both nationally and internationally, and is a former Wharton Business School lecturer.

Dr. Brandi’s notable achievements include being named one of Philadelphia's Most Influential African Americans, receiving the Business Journal's 40 Under 40 award, earning the Diversity and Inclusion Outstanding Ally award from the Philadelphia Inquirer, and being honored with the "Take the Lead" award from the Girl Scouts. Additionally, she is a member of the Investment Committee at Ben Franklin Technology Partners and NextFab Ventures, and previously served on the Philadelphia Mayor's Millennial Advisory Commission.

Even with all of her accomplishments, Dr. Brandi believes that her Christian faith is what truly guides her success. It reminds her every day that she was put on this earth to impact and not to impress.

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Instagram: @thedoctorbrandi
Twitter: @thedoctorbrandi

More About Our Host
Photo of Courtney Stanley standing, in a blue dress.Courtney believes that transforming past experiences into impactful conversations through raw, authentic storytelling challenges the status quo, connects people from all walks of life and results in great change for the world.

Courtney is the youngest member to have ever been elected to Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) International Board of Directors.

She is the recipient of Smart Meetings’ Entrepreneur Award, MeetingsNet’s Changemaker Award, the Association for Women in Events (AWE) Disruptor Award, the MPI Chairman’s Award and MPI RISE Award.

Named Collaborate and Connect Magazine’s 40 under 40 and a Meetings Today Trendsetter.

Recognized as one of the event industry’s most impactful change-makers, Courtney serves on the Events Industry Sexual Harassment Task Force, AWE’s Board of Directors, MPI’s Women’s Advisory Board, is a Meetings Mean Business Ambassador and is the co-founder of the award-winning movement, #MeetingsToo.

Courtney was named as a 2020 Meetings Trendsetter by Meetings Today.

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Instagram: @courtneyonstage
Twitter: @courtneyonstage

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Courtney is a keynote speaker, writer, podcaster and career success coach with a background in experience design, community engagement and leadership development. Courtney is the host of Meetings Today’s “Dare to Interrupt,” a podcast that provides a platform for the event, hospitality and tourism industry’s most influential and successful women to share their stories of adversity and success, unfiltered.