Fast Forward: How Planners Can Use Technology to Improve Event Marketing

Fast Forward Hosted by Logan Pratt


Fast Forward Season 1, Episode 3

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Dahlia El Gazzar

On this episode of Fast Forward, host Logan Pratt interviews Dahlia El Gazzar, one of the leading voices in event and marketing technology to find out how planners can and should be utilizing new technologies to better market their events. 

Dahlia El-Gazzar is one of the leading experts in event technology and the founder of DAHLIA+Agency, an event marketing agency that seeks to connect event planners with event technology companies. Dahlia is also a co-host of the “Cut the Sh*t. Cue the Genius.” show, where she regularly interviews guests who are on the cutting edge of the events industry. 

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Logan Pratt

About Fast Forward

Fast Forward is a new Meetings Today podcast hosted by Logan Pratt with a mission to shed light on the future of the meetings and events industry. Each month, Pratt and his guests will discuss and analyze the new technologies, trends and changes that may affect an audience of meeting and event planners, suppliers, speakers, educators, attendees and more. Fast Forward will feature industry experts on the cutting edge of innovation working to help push the industry forward. Tune in to "Fast Forward" to learn what trends and technologies are here to stay and how they will change the industry in the years and decades to come. 

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