3 Tips on Connecting With People at Networking Events


Want to connect with someone you met at a networking event via LinkedIn? Here are 3 ways to help you connect better in a crowd full of people and make you look like a LinkedIn rockstar.

1. Scan Your Friend's QR Codes

Use the scan QR code feature on your phone and either scan your friend's code or have them scan your code. No more fussing with the keyboard!

2. Replace Your Business Card with a QR Code

Use your QR code as your calling card or put it right onto your business card, again making it super easy to connect!

3. Take a Picture

Take a picture of their name badge to get back to your office and connect with them with the correct spelling and company name.

Don't forget to personalize your connection requests by mentioning that you met at a networking event easy ways to save time in the networking lounge and connect with people whom you want to create an impact for more easy and actionable LinkedIn tips. Find me over on LinkedIn and follow this channel. Here's to your success my friend bye for now.

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Leanne Calderwood, CMP, is one of the hospitality industry’s preeminent LinkedIn experts, and one of Canada’s top voices in the meetings and events industry. She is a trainer, speaker and 20-plus-year industry veteran.  You can connect further with Leanne at leanne@leannecalderwood.com or find her over on LinkedIn! Her website is https://leannecalderwood.com.