How are you maximizing your exhibit floor data collection and ROI? Meetings Today’s Christoph Trappe traveled to Adobe Summit 2018, The Digital Marketing Conference in Las Vegas to show off some examples of innovative exhibit attractions and the latest booth trends.

Video Transcription:

Christoph Trappe: One way to stand out at conferences, of course, is to have a highly unique booth. As I was walking through the expo hall at Adobe Summit 2018 in Las Vegas, one that stood out to me was by Adobe. So Adobe set up this big basketball court and you could shoot baskets and then get an analysis of your performance.

Of course, Adobe then tied that back to analytics and some of the services that they offer.

Kelsey Miller: So basically what we’re doing here is you step up to the machines, you will get logged in with your badge. It’s gonna pull up your own personal profile. So as you shoot and play the game, it’s going to take in all of your data. It’s gonna give you how many shots you took, how many misses you had, what your percentage is, and rank, and your points.

From there, you’re going to get a personal URL sent to you with all of your data and analytics. We’ll also get you up on the big court over here and get all of your data from that, and you can see what the data and analytics processing does for your sports’ statistics.

It's basically a fun way to get analytics and data processing all in one so we can see here how much fun you’re having and then you can go to your computer and see the [business side].

Christoph: Another trend I’ve seen ... is the design of common areas like this one, where attendees can hang out in hammocks and can even recharge their phones while riding a bicycle.

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