All in the (Hospitality Industry) Family

September 6, 2018

It may seem that people come into the hospitality industry from everywhere imaginable, but some folks are born into it. Okay, that’s not entirely accurate, as they weren’t necessarily groomed from birth to plan meetings, sell hotel rooms or market destinations, but we’ve managed to run down some prime examples of familial bonds that inspired full-fledged careers in this hospitality industry we all know and love.

From the mother and son combo of Lesa P. Melvin and Jarad Melvin and the mother-daughter duo of Paula Stratman Rigling and Kaitlyn Rigling, to Liz Erikson Marnul, whose grandmother broke ground as the manager of a major San Francisco hotel around 1916, and finally the Kristin and Erin McGrath sisters and the Peterson family, who have seen three members join the ranks of hospitality workers in a variety of positions.

We're excited to share these Q&As with you.

We’re sure that these folks’ family reunions must be the most attentively catered affairs going!

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