Etch Your Attendees’ Faces on Cookies With the Edible Selfie Booth

September 16, 2019

Delicate little macarons paired with lasers powerful enough to burn through metal—set to “selfie” mode, of course—what’s not to love? This ain’t your typical event photo booth, folks.

The Edible Selfie Booth brings to your event a laser cutting and engraving machine typically found only in architecture and design studios, and uses it to laser-caramelize attendee photos onto cookies.

The machine can cut through wood and metal, but with some magically precise settings, Toronto-based MakeLab can adjust it to toast the tops of confections at your event anywhere in the world. The end result is delicious macarons or sugar cookies and delighted attendees.

Selfie Cookies Are Instagrammable and Irresistible

There's no ink involved in the Edible Selfie Booth—just lasers!

Guests simply grab the easy-to-use photo tablet, snap the perfect selfie, and watch as their photos are “caramelized” inside the machine.

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And it’s not just a feast of sight and taste courtesy of lasers and confections.

An aroma of toasted marshmallow really adds to the sensory magic of the experience and attracts attendees to the booth through smell.

Edible Selfie Booth Custom Sugar Cookies by Makelab
Edible Selfie Booth Sugar Cookies by MakeLab

Guests can then snap an irresistibly perfect Instagram of their macaron and send it out to the world to show all their envious friends and then eat it right away (or save for later).

After all, who can resist the immediate gratification delivered by a macaron!

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The lines will surely be long for the Edible Selfie Booth, but all your attendees have to do is smile and say YUM! Duck face poses are entirely optional.

Watch a video of MakeLab’s Edible Selfie Booth technology in action below.

As with all of my favorite finds, the Edible Selfie Booth is #mcapproved.

Editor's Note: The Edible Selfie Booth mentioned in this article is presented by MakeLab, a Toronto-based company that offers its experiential services at events around the world.

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