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A Hybrid Meetings How-To eHandbook

A Hybrid How-To eHandbook

A Guide to Bridging the Meetings Experience Between Live and Online

While virtual meetings have been part of the meetings landscape for years, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed them to the fore. 

From simple Zoom meetings to full-blow programs, the meetings world has moved online. 

When in-person meetings resume, the consensus is that online components to face-to-face meetings, called hybrid meetings will be much more common.

Included is information about:

  • 7 Key Questions (& Answers) About Hybrid Events
  • What the Future Holds for MICE Professionals
  • 5 Key Steps for Building a Hybrid Events Model
  • 7 Clever Ways to Market & Promote Your Virtual Event
  • Tips from the Oranizers of MPI’s WEC Hybrid Event

This guide will help meeting and event planners learn the ropes about how to stage a virtual meeting that works in conjunction with an in-person program, with input from the experts who have excelled in the digital meetings world.

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