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Madame Zoltara Will Reveal the Future…at Your Next Event

TEN31's fortune teller setup for events.

“I see in your future, people hugging, smiling and dancing!”
“Your palm tells me you will live a long event life, even if you are slightly stressed.” 
“The stars are in your favor; the corporate meeting will not be postponed.” 
“I forecast meetings and events are coming back strong in 2022.”

Good news—the future is NOW! I’m predicting meetings and events are coming back strong in 2022. I hope you are seeing what we are seeing at Cerbelli Creative; clients are planning and planning really cool events.

One word: Woo-hoo!

So, since I’m reading the stars and predicting the future, here’s a great subject for this installment of Michael Cerbelli’s Hot List™: Zoltara: The Living Fortune Teller Booth by TEN31.

TEN31 fortune teller booth for events.
TEN31 fortune teller booth. Credit: TEN31.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Madame Zoltara!

Many will recall the famous scene from the movie Big, when the Zoltar fortune teller machine came to life magically. That scene is the inspiration behind the creation of TEN31's living fortune teller booth. 

The TEN31 custom-built living fortune teller brings that same sense of joy and excitement of being a kid back to life as well. What I love about it is that it is completely customizable; clients can brand fortunes with logos, create specific fortunes about the event or brand, and include special coupons or calls to actions. 

While Zoltara, the female fortune teller, is the star of the booth, clients may also select Zoltar, the male version, or choose from the vast array of other amazing characters from the TEN31 collection. 

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The Living Fortune Teller Booth is a unique experience for each guest.. They walk up to the “Amusement Park Machine,” where they press a button, the machine turns on with lights and a recording, and the human clairvoyant springs to life! The psychic begins to move like the original robotic counterpart, picking up and actually dropping a personalized, branded reading down the shoot for the guest to retrieve. 

I have literally seen attendees come back to the booth dragging their friends over because they loved the personalized message and experience. You should see the reaction once they realize the soothsayer is actually a living person in this 3-foot-by-3-foot classic-style blast from the past.

TEN31 fortune teller booth for events with attendees.
"Madame Zoltara sees that the future has revealed...." Credit: TEN31.

Events Company Extraordinaire

What we at Cerbelli Creative love is that TEN31 grew from a simple, powerful idea that art can be “brought to life” and provide emotionally inspiring entertainment. The human form is TEN31’s canvas. 

Cerbelli Creative: Living Fortune Teller Booth: Ten31 from Cerbelli Creative on Vimeo.

In 2000, founders Eric Auger and Joe Pari began performing as Living Gargoyles at art events and festivals, and from their very first performance to today, the designing and creation of characters and costumes never stopped. 

TEN31 has been honored to perform at the White House, Harvard University, the Tampa Super Bowl Committee, USTA and at hundreds of prestigious institutions and social and corporate events throughout the world.

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Like the pieces and installations TEN31 creates, the company continues to grow and transform itself, driven by that simple and powerful idea born over two decades ago. 

So, as I said, I see your future has a bright new meeting and event idea. So now go make 2022 great! 
Live events are coming back. Make sure you’re vaccinated and let’s get stuff back on the calendar. 
Lots more ideas coming in 2022!

For more information on Zoltara: The Living Fortune Teller Booth by TEN31, hit us up at:

Stay #EventStrong.

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