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Futurist Scott Steinberg Launches New Board Game

Graphic of The Future Is Yours board game cards.

Cover graphic of The Future Is Yours Board Game.Frequent Meetings Today contributor Scott Steinberg, a futurist author and speaker, has launched a “The Future is Yours” board game. 

Described as “the first print-and-play tabletop game to teach players of all ages and skill levels how to think like a futurist,” Steinberg said the game offers “a crash course in the art of strategic planning and reveals how to make better decisions in life and business using a simple, straightforward problem-solving system.” 

The game, which retails for $19.99, aims to teach players how to leverage imagination and ingenuity to successfully tackle real-world challenges in record time, and Steinberg said that the game is being offered to schools and students for free for a limited time. 

Game features include the following: 

  • Dozens of playable real-world encounters 
  • Over 30 forms of disruption: Learn how to adapt to the most pressing real-life challenges. 
  • Create your own scenarios: Card templates and discussion guides offer tools to build your own challenges. 
  • Solo and multiplayer support: Play alone or as a group at meetings and events. 
  • Business and career modes: Play as an organization or individual. 
  • Print-and-Play: Everything you need to get started is right in the (virtual) box. 
Photo of futurist and author Scott Steinberg.
Scott Steinberg

As an exclusive offer for Meetings Today’s audience, Steinberg is offering a free game to the first 10 people who respond to him here

Following are some key stories Steinberg has written for Meetings Today: 

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