DoubleDutch, a provider of mobile event apps and event performance analytics, announced new messaging and channel features that aim to enhance collaboration among event attendees.

“Collaboration and messaging apps such as Slack, HipChat and WeChat have become some of the fastest growing and most engaged products in the world, and we believe that there is a compelling use case for similar functionality at events and conferences,” said Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch. “We are proud to announce that we have developed a purpose-built version of messaging and channels designed specifically for events, that we believe is destined to reinvent the event experience.”

Networking has always been a huge component of attending events, but oftentimes that connection is left up to chance. DoubleDutch hopes to address this challenge in three new ways:

  • Direct Messaging: Attendees can now engage with each other directly, exchange contact information and coordinate face-to-face meetings. Direct messaging also enables event organizers to coordinate with team members, follow up with attendees and sponsors, and to extend the shelf life of events by facilitating conversation after events end.
  • Topic Channels: Attendees with similar interests can connect with one another and discuss hot topics, for example, the “Internet of Things” or wearables. Additionally, topic channels capture organic group discussions enabling event organizers to gain better insight into attendees’ interests and connections.
  • Session Channels: Attendees can share participate in a discussion with other event goers in the same session in real-time. Attendees are given a deeper level of engagement in session content.

“The introduction of the new channels and messaging capabilities further cement DoubleDutch’s mission to provide event applications that improve customer experience and help maximize event ROI," Coburn added.

More of Coburn’s insights on event trends are available on the DoubleDutch blog.